Cover of Auto Motor & Sport

The new issue of Auto Motor & Sport is out now. The cover is a pictures taken during the first test in Sweden with the all new Audi A6 against it’s competitors.

SLK and C-klass at Tenerife

Just back from a couple of wonderful days at the island of tenerife and the presentation of the new Mercedes C-klass and SLK. Tenerife is really an awesome place, both for driving and for taking pictures. The reportage will appear in Automobil magazine and CS Home .

Audi RS3 launch in Monaco

Just been to Monaco for my first time and enjoyed the international press-launch of the all new Audi RS3 Sportsback. A little quick hatchback with a turbocharged straight-five engine with 340 bhp. The test-rout-stretches was the incredible funny roads in the mountains above Monaco, true Monte Carlo rally style. The Monte Carlo Beach hotel was pretty nice as well.

Very dirty but very funny, Megane RS!

This weeks test-car have been the Renault Megane RS. First I didn’t think much of it but when I got to know it I have really started to enjoy it. The hand-break slides you can do with it puts a big smile on your face!

CS Hemma with Bentley Continental Supersports

The issue of CS Hemma with my test of the ultra powerful Bentley Continental Supersports is out now.

Hectic but very funny weeks.

The last three weeks has been a little more hectic then usual for med an due to that I’ve not been able to update the blog as expected. So there for I’ve put all of the things in one post for you to enjoy starting with the uncover of the very pretty Aston-Martin Cygnet at the Callisma showroom in Danderyd, Stockholm. After that Peugeot had their presentation and test-drive of the 508 in Alicante, Spain. First days in the sun outside with a nice espresso in a very long time. The week after Lexus had their presentation of the all new CT200h outside of Lisbon, Portugal, a hybrid in the Golf segment. A beautiful view over the Alps on the way down to Lisbon. Instead of going home from Lisbon and fly down the day after to the Fords Focus presentation in Jerez, Spain, I decided to stay a night in Lisbon and fly directly to Jerez. This gave me a nice day to walk around in Lisbon. A very nice city indeed. The roads in Jerez was amazing with very nice views. The week after that started with the Mazda MX-5 Ice-race at the Kall lake, Åre. A rice between 20 cars, 26 nations and 160 drivers. All with full equipment and pit personal. These days was truly some of the best I’ve had in a very long time and I learnt so much about racing and driving on ice. The week ended with the VolksWagen Passat 4-motion in Oslo. We got to see the ladies and mens finals in cross-country skiing where Sweden’s Marcus Hellner toke the gold medal. During the test-drive we had the pleasure to taxi-drive in KMS special built Scirocco with four wheel drive ad 620 bhp, 0-100 km/h in 2.1 seconds. These weeks has been really great indeed and I want to thanks all the involved people.