Mercedes SLK in Vårt Nya Hem

The new issue of Vårt Nya Hem magazine is out now with the Mercedes SLK story, text by Mia Litström. The pictures were taken from a fire-truck-ladder. Many thanks to the fire-fighter department in Malmö for the help and Sverker Dahl at Mercedes for organizing it.

Mini Countryman in Vårt Nya Hus

New issue of Vårt Nya Hus Magazine is out now with the article about the Mini Countryman. I’m very pleased about how the magazine used the images in the layout. The story is written by Mia Litström.

Auto Motor & Sport

New issue of Swedish Auto Motor & Sport is out now. The cover is from the feature story about eco-middle-class station-wagons. Also included in the issue is the Fredrik Huldt’s test-drive of the Spyker Laviolette LM85.