Recent articles in CS Life, Vårt Nya Hus, Volkswagen magazine and Skoda magazine.

Here are some recent articles from CS Life, Vårt Nya Hus, Volkswagen magazine and the Skoda magazine.

The first articles in CS Life is the story about Bård Eker, a Norwegian entrepiner that is the owner of the companies Hydrolift that produces some of the fastest boats. He’s also part owner of Swedish super car company Koenigsegg and the agent for Ducati motorcycles in Norway. The interview and pictures was made during the Gran Turismo Gotland event.

The other article in CS Life is a double car-test of the Hyundai Genesis and the incredible Nissan GT-R, two sporty coupés in different price range.

The article in Vårt Nya Hus is about the not so new but very comfy Audi Q7. Text by Mia Litström.

The article in the Swedish Volkswagen magazine is about the new Passat Alltrack which is soon going to be my new company car. Pictures taken outside of Kitzbuhel.

The last article is about the new Skoda Citigo and shoot in Lisbon for the swedish Skoda magazine Clever.