New weekend, new powerful car.

After some great weeks with lots of powerful cars a new weekend is about to start. And what great way to start it with the new BMW M6 Cabriolet. Now heading to Kinnekulle Ring and the Nordic Viper-club 10 year anniversary. Hopefully the wont get to upset at me showing up with this car..


Recent articles in CS Life.

Two last issues of CS Life included the test of the all new Mazda CX5 and the new Audi S7. The pictures of the Mazda was taken outside of Vienna, Austria and the Audi S7 in Munich, Germany.

Golf GTI Cabriolet

Just back from the test drive of the all new Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet in Germany around the beautiful lake Tegernsee. The car is a perfect hairdrier with a nice soundtrack from the exhaust pipes.